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How effective is antivirus software on smartphones?

In our world of corporate security where the threats are constant, most IT pros and administrators would not consider giving a computer to an employee without locking it down. Login systems, antivirus, network protection, and more provide a security-in-depth approach that is the norm for corporate life. Antivirus companies provide extensive suites to secure computers, networks, servers and more, with a central point of control. But what about smartphones? As iPhone and Android devices have become more and more popular, employees no longer consider their company-issued or BYOD phones to be just a communication device. Now, they use that phone to read email attachments, download documents, and even VPN inside the corporate firewall. So it's no wonder that we often hear of the potential for security problems. Is it time to install antivirus software on smartphones?

Install security software on smartphones. This turned out to be the right solution for Active Interest Media, which publishes niche and specialty magazines. "Our creative teams all use Macs, so we had people coming in with their iPhones, asking if we could set them up with our contact and calendaring software," reports Nelson Saenz, director of IT. "People spend a lot of their time using smartphones to consume information and keep track of things and we wanted to maintain that kind of continuity and at the same time have it be secure and give us some kind of management control over it." The solution was mobile security software from Good Technology that gives the IT team needed controls.

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