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What Is Kaspersky ONE Universal Security?

Kaspersky ONE Universal Security is a five device security suite that includes antivirus, malware and spyware protection as well as help you maintain security and computer use. Firewall, parental controls and email spam blocking are all parts of Kaspersky ONE and you get protection for Windows and Mac PC's, tablets and smartphones.

In today's world, we're all carrying multiple digital devices that require protection from cybercrime. Now, Kaspersky ONE makes it easier than ever. With just one license, you can conveniently secure any combination of your PCs, Macs, Smartphones an d Android tablets. Windows PC protection allows you to bank, shop, surf and socialize online knowing you're protected against all threats - even those that have yet to be discovered Android tablet protection downloads in an instant and protects yourself with re-time scanning and frequent over-the-air updates Mac Protection - Even if your Mac isn't specifically targeted, you can still pass harmful PC viruses along to your family, friends, and colleagues who use PC's Smartphone Protection protects your smartphone as you do on your PC plus block, wipe, or find your phone if it's lost or stolen All you need is ONE.

The program comes as a package with discs for Windows and Mac PC's as well as a manual and instructions to load the protection to your smartphone or tablet. I installed the program on three computers and a tablet which was pretty easy and includes instructions and the registration code.

Your account and registering the program with their site allows you to control and track devices and codes for various Kaspersky products form the same website pages. Anytime you buy a Kaspersky product you will see it listed under your account and allow you to keep track of the devices you are using with what product.

Kaspersky offers some award winning computer security and protection against viruses, malware, intrusion and much more but this suite offers protection for up to five devices. Kaspersky ONE Universal Security now offers protection for five devices but you choose which ones including Windows or MAC pcs, smartphones, tablets or blackberry devices.

Your home computer or laptop is vulnerable to a wide range of dangerous threats. Kaspersky One provides protection for computers with Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems. In addition, Mac security is also available from this all-in-one computer protection application. Even though Macs are less susceptible to malware, they are not completely safe. Kaspersky One Universal Security provides the protection your Mac needs to ensure no dangerous threats enter your Mac and then pass themselves along to your friends' PCs. This security application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 and 10.7.

It's incredibly convenient to access the internet from a public network with your tablet; however, when you use a public network to check email, download an app or surf the web, your device can easily become victim to malware and hackers. Kaspersky One’s tablet protection supports all Android-based tablets but unfortunately not the iPad or iPad 2.

One of the advantages to using Kaspersky One Universal Security is it offers especially strong protection for your smartphone. Smartphones have become a target for hackers, especially through emails and downloaded apps and they need as much protection as your computer. This computer protection application supports Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. It provides the protection you need against dangerous threats that enter your smartphone through apps, attachments, messages and more. Unfortunately, Kaspersky One does not provide security for iPhones.


Kaspersky One Universal Security offers protection against all malicious threats and programs that can enter your device. It shields your computer or mobile device from viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits and malware. It also provides antispyware to prevent any extra sets of eyes from accessing your information. Antiphishing tools are also included on the application to keep your passwords and other personal data safe.

This application uses real-time detection. This means the application is constantly running to identify any suspicious files on your device. It runs silently in the background so you do not have to deal with annoying pop-ups and you don't have to constantly manage controls each time you turn on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Additionally, Kaspersky One not only looks for the known threats that may be on your computer or mobile device, but also has the power and the technology to identify those threats that are new and more advanced.

This all-in-one computer protection software also provides outstanding web security. If a website contains suspicious files, you will receive an alert before entering the site. The PC protection of this all-in-one application provides a virtual keyboard that prevents keyloggers from accessing your data. Additionally, there is a two-way firewall, which prevents hackers from entering your computer through the web. The web protection also makes it possible for you to enjoy banking, shopping and sending other personal data in a secure environment.

Help & Support

Kaspersky received full marks for their help and support options. Even though this software is straightforward and simple to use, they still provide several resources in case any problems or questions do arise. You can contact a customer service representative through email, telephone and live chat support. And located on the Kaspersky website is a vast selection of additional help options. A knowledgebase is available, which provides a variety of articles and a quick start guide. A FAQs section is also available on the Kaspersky website that provides answers to many of the more common questions you may have.

My Personal Thoughts

You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your computing devices and personal information. Malicious programs can infect anyone and it is better to be prepared than to suffer the consequences. Kaspersky One Universal Security provides the protection you need to secure your home computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Kaspersky has received high marks from all third-party testers, displaying its effectiveness in identifying suspicious and damaging files. We were also impressed with its large feature set and all of the tools it provides to enhance your protection. Even though this security application does not support iPhones or iPads, Kaspersky One Universal Security provides outstanding protection, excellent performance and countless features that make it the best all-in-one computer protection software available.

I highly recommend Kaspersky ONE Universal Security for more protection than other companies offer in one simple to use program for five devices.

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