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You want to find best Antivirus software? Then you are wrong at the beginning. Everyone wants to gain best protection to his/her PC so the following topics are very hot: What antivirus protection/software should I buy, What is the best antivirus, best antivirus review...

In fact, all antivirus programs are all pre-defined solutions to deal with viruses so some latest viruses that are beyond antivirus programs' pre-definition can escape from the antivirus programs or even block/disable the antivirus protection. The prevailing and notorious av.exe virus and its variety are typical examples to show you the fact that you can't never dream of any so-called best antivirus software to let you be free from viruses all the time.

In addition, like a double-edged sword, antivirus software will sometimes cause trouble to you. The cases are possible like the following:

1) The antivirus tool slows down your PC greatly;

2) The newly installed antivirus tool is not compatible to your PC and it causes blue screen of death or make all shortcuts on your desktop disappear;

3) there used to be an important event that a famous antivirus program in the industry falsely recognized a core system file as a virus and killed the file so many software users' computers crashed at that time;

4) Every antivirus tool has false positive rate so it is possible that the antivirus tool will make your safe and useful application not work smoothly and bring panic to you...


A virus can infect your computer from basically anywhere at any time if you're not careful. But how do you know which antivirus software will work the best and do the right things for you? It's about shopping around and finding a product that offers great protection, but isn't too darn expensive at the same time.

When looking for antivirus programs you will find many that are offered to you free of charge. At times these are a great thing, but they may not offer you as much protection as something you've purchased.

While a free trial download is a great way to find out about a product and if it will work well in your daily processes. Looking at a product that may offer you everything that is needed and still not be too expensive, it's the Trend Micro Internet Security program. Not too expensive but offering a lot of protection too.

Offering you the safety of securing files that are confidential or considered to be secret just in case your computer happens to be stolen. Checks those hot spots if you're on a Wi-Fi network to make sure they are safe. Helps in preventing viruses and so much more from attaching your Smartphone program.

Plus you can even have that information on your Smartphone erased by this program if it was every stolen. Each web page that you head to it will inspect to ensure that you are on a safe page. Plus allowing you to backup 2 GB of information to a site that is online for safekeeping.

This program runs automatic updates to keep all virus information up to date for your computer. Keeps out a person who are not authorized to access your information and doesn't hurt how you're PC will perform while doing so. If you have to give a presentation the program will pause those updates until you are done.

Many other great options come along with this software for your protection. When you plug in USB devices it will automatically stop anything that is suspicious from beginning or being opened. Plus you can easily keep track of all devices that you have connected to your network.

Even allowing you to install any type of parental controls that you want in place to keep children away from certain websites. Check out the Trend Micro site and you can find many of these are offered as a free trial download for you to try out.

Based on the above facts, it can make a conclusion that antivirus software doesn't mean safe always. Every operating system is unique inside so the best antivirus to others may mean worst to you. Fortunately, almost all antivirus applications offer free trial version and you can test them first and then decide which one is suitable to your PC. That is the reason why we said Not Best but Suitable in the title.

Don't put your computer or data at risk protect it the right way today!

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