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Virus protection is not only a recommended precaution for computers and other devices with internet access, but can be considered essential for protecting your systems from permanent damage and data loss, as well as the risk of your passwords, bank account details and other sensitive information being stolen.

There are countless 'malware' programs and viruses targeting computers all the time, which may spread through websites or email attachments, but fortunately there are also many excellent antivirus programs that are adept at protecting your systems from harm. Even if your computer already has antivirus software installed, it's important to keep it up to date with the latest upgrades and releases, and you could also benefit from having a second antivirus program operating simultaneously - especially in the unlikely event that your antivirus software itself becomes infected.

Antivirus software is easy to install, and if you're obtaining programs from websites, you will usually be guided through the process. However, it's essential to make sure the program you are downloading is genuine. The best way to confirm the authenticity of programs is to only use familiar names from companies you have heard of, and to make sure that the websites you are visiting are official and not sophisticated copies.

With virus protection being such a fundamental part of online browsing safety, many companies feel obliged to offer a free antivirus download. Compared to products purchased from stores and online, these free downloads may be more limited in terms of options and customisable settings, but will still offer a high level of protection for your computer from a wide range of hazards.

If you don't have antivirus software installed, every second your computer, laptop, smartphone or other device is connected to the internet puts you at extreme risk. Installing free antivirus software can help to extend the lifetime of your computer system considerably, by protecting the software as well as the hardware. It's also important to carry out routine scans of your drives to check for viruses you may not have noticed, which could be slowing your system down, hacking your data or causing other harm.

Many antivirus programs allow users to schedule automatic checks at their desired time interval, while others may require manual checks to be carried out. You should also select the option to check for the latest upgrades for your antivirus software, as new threats can infect the dynamic and evolving online world every day.

Securing my wireless network is always the first thing I setup when I have just installed a new router or modem. Without a secure line, people can leech off of the connection that you are paying for. Luckily, there are some easy network security tips to take to secure your wireless network.

Password Your Important Stuff!

First and foremost, password protect your wireless connection, and for that matter, any computer connected to your network. That password to your account is just one extra wall a hacker has to tear down to gain access to your account. The password for your router will prevent the average Joe living in the apartment next to you from using your connection for free. "It is better to give than to receive," you might say. While this is true in many cases, it is not true for a wireless connection. You are only given a set amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth amount determines, in some ways, how fast you are able to stream videos and music and download programs. If all the bandwidth is being used at a time, it will dramatically decrease your internet speeds. You want what you paid for; you want the fastest internet speed available to you. Now, when picking a password, it is most ideal to pick a meaningless stream of numbers and letters. Believe it or not, many online accounts stupidly use "abc123" as their passwords. Accounts are taken even more easily because of this.

Firewalls Are Nice Too!

Firewalls are also a necessity for network security. The original meaning of the word "firewall" came from the wall in a home or other important building that's purpose was to prevent a fire from spreading to the rest of the house or building. Many routers come with some sort of computer firewall. This is because a computer firewall blocks unwanted access from the computer connected to it, and it allows programs that have been given an exception (or ones deemed to be safe). Occasionally a firewall will mistake a harmless program for a threat. This is when you must solve the issue by simple and specifically telling the firewall that it is OK for it to pass through. Firewalls do not block viruses that you unknowningly download yourself.

Antivirus Programs Are Your Friends!

This is when antivirus software comes in. Having an antivirus program installed is like having a bodyguard. When you let a program into your system it will often tell you that it is a virus and should be kicked out immediately. Antivirus programs are all over the internet, and a free antivirus trial is not at all difficult to find. When I think of important things to remember when securing my wireless network, this is definitely at the top of the list.

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