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Choosing the best antivirus program to safeguard your computer from the threat of an online virus attacks is essential if you want your PC and files to remain safe. When downloading a free windows antivirus program you should be sure to check all of the available features. Though numerous antivirus options are available online and can be downloaded for free, choosing the best software that perfectly suits your PC is important to protect your computer from online threats and viruses.

The most harmful spywares and virus threats such as Trojans, worms and other malware programs were created to destroy the efficiency of your PC and to steal your personal information without your consent. To safeguard yourself from such a loss, upgrade your PC with the best free antivirus program available by looking for some of the features mentioned below:

Frequent Updates: Free computer virus removal software needs to stay updated in order to remove the most recent threats. To fight the newest viruses on regular basis, frequent updates are crucial and are required for any good antivirus program to be effective and protect your system. Even though there is no 100% assurance with any software, a frequently updated anti virus program does the best possible.

System Requirements: To find the best antivirus software for your particular needs, it is crucial to make sure it functions perfectly with your operating system. Be sure to review the antivirus requirement of your computer and double check that it will work properly with your operating system.

Ease of Use: Even if the antivirus program matches with your system's requirements, in some cases those products can be difficult to execute and use. It is important to try a demo version before downloading the final program and finishing the purchase. Is the software easy to use? Check the control panel of the software and if you are having any issues look for an alternative option.

Scan Reports: All free antivirus download software should generate a report showing the number and types of threats discovered after each scan. Make sure it provides complete information on any threats and the actions that were taken before you download it.

Everyone may have different requirements for their anti -virus software, so be sure to examine the features to make sure it provides all options you need to protect your system from anti virus. Search online and review a few anti virus programs to make sure that your PC security will be taken care of.

Online support can help you find solutions for removing viruses and malware from your computer. Here are tech support tips that can help you to prevent virus attacks and eliminate the threat of spyware while improving the speed and responsiveness of your computer significantly.

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Cyber crime is booming with a steady increase in the number of emergent zero-day viruses that target networks and users, and companies that develop free antivirus software have correspondingly stepped up spending in the R&D domain. Although antivirus and anti-malware products are hitting the market faster than users can migrate to them, such products fundamentally rely on an inert fear that a virus attack can happen to you at anytime and from anywhere.

This may not be entirely true, but there are still the fact sheets to consider. The fact that spyware and Trojans are causing more in financial losses than they ever have, even for people who can afford a dedicated IT support staff, is not something that we can just ignore. But then again, for users who use their computer for nothing more than surfing the internet, is it worth the extra buck to buy a full PC protection suite (like the Norton 360 or Kaspersky) and install antivirus on their computers?

The answer, at least for me, is 'yes'; and not just because everyone wants a virus free computer. Computer viruses not only affect your installed programs or your browser, but can cause serious damage to your operating system. True, you could catch a virus just by having your email disclosed on a forum you visited or if somebody you know accidentally forwarded an email that contained an infected attachment, but we also come across the infrequent user who got hit by a drive by download or a targeted virus deployment. Malware can come disguised even inside trusted downloads, for instance a free tune-up software, and there's really no way for you to find out unless you dive under your PC's hood using MSCONFIG, for which you'd either have to be a techie or get online computer support to do it for you.

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