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Using an Anti Virus for Mac system is not uncommon any more. Until some years back Mac viruses, malware, adware and other malicious items were almost impossible to find but now hackers are targeting the Mac OS very aggressively.

Recently we heard of a new Trojan horse that tried to attack a good number or Mac systems. This Trojan tried to trick the user into buying a fake antivirus for Mac by making the user believe that his/her system had been infected with a malware. As this malware is installed various pornographic sites open up and you get pop ups to upgrade to the latest version of this software so that your credit card information can be recorded. Though one of the good things about this Trojan was that it was unable to install itself, a good number of Mac users became a victim of this malware

Getting rid of this Trojan

It is also known as Mac defender, Mac security or other similar names. It is quite easy to get rid of this malware because it runs in the background and you are promoted to install it. You can easily remove it by following this procedure.

  • Open the activity monitor and find any of these names like Mac security, Mac defender etc.
  • Select it and click "quit process" or select "force-quit" if required.
  • Go to the download/application folder and locate the installer file. Move this file to trash and then empty the trash.
  • Go to Account and select system preferences. Remove all instances of this Trojan from the Login items as well.

Some easy Tips to keep your Mac system secure

  • Though Apple makes it a point to open only safe files but your system cannot judge if the file is really safe. It is better to disable this feature by unchecking this feature in Safari's Preferences.
  • Another important point that must be kept in mind that when you are using internet, various programs are downloaded automatically. It is always a good practice to manually install every new program. This trick is useful not just for Mac systems but for Windows also to some extent.
  • Anti Adware, Anti viruses and other internet security tools are available for Mac also therefore it is better to install a good Mac Antivirus, Internet protection tool for Mac from a reputed brand so that your system remains protected all the time.

If you're thinking of protecting your Mac from malware threats, then you're thinking clearly. And you've probably arrived at that decision after having weighed the pros and cons of having one or not, or you've been the victim of a recent malware attack.

Whatever the case, the belief that Macintosh systems are not vulnerable to threats is a fallacy. It may have been true for a brief period in the early evolutionary days of the Mac, but this isn't true today. And these machines are equally coming under attack from hackers and malware threats

There are many antivirus programs that protect the Mac. And some leading programs like BitDefender, Symantec and Kaspersky have been developing this software for a while now. But internet security for the Mac is a fairly new concept, so you'll only find a handful of programs that develop it.

Symantec Norton

Symantec is in the forefront of the battle against malware threats that attack Macs. Its software has been five years in development and doesn't disappoint.

Tech Radar, one of the leading technology review sites, has rated it four stars out of five and shows that it has the right tools for phishing threats, identity theft and protection from malicious software threats.

Some of the features you get with Symantec Norton for Mac OS X are antivirus and firewall protection. The antivirus software has shown in tests to be very effective at virus detection and removal. And it doesn't put any strain on resources as has been evident in other Symantec programs in the part.

Its firewall element is highly effective and Symantec recommends that you turn off the Mac OS X firewall to avoid crashes and get the maximum protection from it. You turn off the Mac firewall by going to System Preferences > Security > Firewall.


McAfee Internet Security for Mac is comprehensive protection from hackers, identity theft, malware and many other malicious software threats. It provides 1 year subscription for your Macintosh and it's at one of the lowest prices online.

Some of the essential features and tools you get with it are Identity Protection, Anti-phishing, McAfee Firewall, External Drive, and Scanning & Disinfection. A threat you have to beware of online is phishing and this comes in many forms. McAfee has the right anti-phishing tools that protect you from phishing scams and social networking website attacks that are rising and are intent on stealing your personal information. So it allows you to email and chat with family and friends online with security and confidence.

Of course as a Mac user you're not vulnerable to viruses and other malware threats that have traditionally attacked PCs and other systems. But the internet has changed part of this and Mac users are now just as susceptible to these risks as PC users.


There are a few other top internet security programs for Mac systems. And they provide many good tools and features, but they aren't as effective as Norton and McAfee, who've been developing their programs for years now. Your choice between these two top programs will depend on your specific needs. And if cost is a major factor, then we recommend you download McAfee Internet Security for Mac, which is cheaper.

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