Can You Trust Your Smartphone? It Might Be Spying On You! Print

Technology is changing all the time and it seems like things are getting smaller and more powerful too. Smaller, faster computers and smaller faster mobile phones that offer more and more features to make our lives easier. If you are not a technology buff you can find it hard to keep up with all of the current things that are coming into the marketplace. In fact, it might be a little overwhelming to find out that your mobile phone may be bugged. Yes, that is right; to put a spy on smartphone is now possible and very easy to do.

Smartphone do so much more now than just send and receive calls. They are now like carrying around a little computer that you can simply hold in your hand and there are many new applications coming available on a daily basis. Just think how many new models of BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and other Smartphones have come to market in just the past twelve months; you can send texts, SMS and e-mails from them, surf the Internet, record and send video and audio, schedule meetings and events, have it wake you up in the morning, listen to music, Tweet and update Facebook all from your smartphone.

You might say you feel naked without your ever-reliable, multi-function smartphone. But do you know that just by having your mobile phone in the same room while you get dressed or share intimate moments with your partner, another person halfway across the globe can literally see you naked?

Actually, it's not only recently that the mobile world was rocked by reports of smartphones being used for sinister purposes. Several years ago, reports already surfaced about surveillance software or mobile malware that can be downloaded from the Internet to turn your phone into a virtual long-range spying device.

According to security experts, this mobile malware, increasingly being used by husbands or wives who suspect their partners of having an affair, or by worried parents of party-loving teens, thrive on all types of smartphones such as iPhones and BlackBerrys.

Now the newest software allows you to spy on mobile phones as well. Just download the spy application on the phone. Then start retrieving information about how it is being used by the other person. All you need is Internet access to log in to your member website account to start monitoring everything they are doing with the phone.

When you spy on mobile phones what type of information is available? A lot, much more than you would think. You can see how many calls the phone has received and sent, and the duration of each call and when it was placed and the corresponding phone numbers. This is an awesome way to monitor and control expenses if you're paying for your child's phone bills or you provide mobile phones to your workers.

Think of being the invisible man standing behind the phone user seeing every text, SMS and email that is being sent and received by the mobile phone. The cell phone spy even lets you access them if they have been erased from the phone. Just think of it every picture and video that has been sent or received by the phone is now open to your viewing.

In addition, from simple surveillance (tracking your whereabouts through GPS) to advanced eavesdropping and monitoring, your mobile phone becomes a portal into your inner sanctum. It's as if the town's most notorious gossip is wearing Harry Potter's invisible cloak and then following you everywhere. And the worst part is that, you are clueless about what's going on! it wouldn't be a true spy on mobile phone device unless you were able to track the phone's exact location at anytime. See the mobile phone's GPS location through Google Maps, a feature that is very useful for finding lost children and checking to see if they are really at the place they said they would be.

How do you know if your phone is infected with spyware?

Mobile malware works behind the scenes. You may not realize that your phone has already sent considerable damning data to attackers. According to experts, however, there are certain tell-tale signs that you should watch out for.

1. Your phone's battery drains easily even if you seldom use it.
2. You have difficulty turning off the unit, or it stays lit up even if it's already supposed to be powered down.
3. The phone lights up even when there are no incoming text messages or calls. If you see the red light flashing twice, it could be an indication that the unit is busy transmitting data to a third party.
4. You can hear strange background noises or clicks while using the phone.

What you can do to protect your smartphone from infection

1. Be wary of downloading ringtones from the Internet as such files can carry mobile malware. The same thing is true when opening emails containing suspicious attachments.
2. Security vendors such as Kaspersky, McAfee, and Symantec offer protection tools against mobile malware.
3. Don't leave your phone unattended in public places.
4. Use the free and downloadable mobile security tool Lookout to block snoops, back up your mobile data, and/or wipe out clean a stolen phone.

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