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Think of only you has the access on your Smartphone and its contents?

Think that the threat of viruses, spyware, and malware won't affect your Smartphone? Think again!

Your phone is not just a phone, it's basically a mini computer and that's just the way you should think about it, a computer. And like any desktop or laptop computer, your mobile phone is just as vulnerable to internet attacks.

Mobile security threats are rapidly evolving and come in many forms. It is not just your home or business PC that is at risk anymore, it's also your mobile phones, and other similar handheld devices.

A security issue that is not as publicized as much as traveler's security or online banking is mobile security. Until recently, this has not been as high-priority an issue as other security measures that have noticeably captured the attention of the public. However, it has become more of an issue in recent years. With the reality of so many people using Smartphone for their business as well as personal communication, a secure mobile line is essential. With the way the world is advancing, the need for secure mobile lines is paramount. Without them, the financial world would be in chaos. Thieves could have access to all your accounts, all your private information. No business transaction would be secure and fraud would be rampant, threatening banks, businesses, and perhaps even national security.

The security of present-day SIM cards is questionable, as they are being used for a variety of uses they were not originally intended for. The encryption and key generation for these cards is susceptible to theft and fraud. Today's technology has made creating your digital signature easier than it has ever been. However, authenticating it and protecting it has many companies running for cover.

Today's cellphones require the most secure SIM cards as they have become the doorways to practically every facet of our lives. More and more people are on the go and will not be tied to a computer all day. A SIM-capable mobile phone serves as an Internet connection, allowing people to conduct business from any location. This may even eliminate the need for carrying a laptop in the future.

Security specialists like Kaspersky and McAfee have reported that mobile operators, globally, are experiencing more mobile malware attacks than ever before, and spending more time and money on recovering from these attacks.

With more and more “Smartphone " being brought to market each year, more of us are changing our phones to the latest and greatest models available. This in turn means that the latest models come with the latest technological features. However, many people do not seem to think that there is any issue of "mobile security" with little or no chance of downloading any type of virus or malware to their phones and therefore do not consider it necessary to take any action to protect it. This is what most people believed when the internet first appeared way back in the early 1990's.Although the internet was in its infancy then, there were not very many viruses and other threats in circulation, but things changed very quickly. No-one would even consider purchasing a laptop or desktop PC now without also having some form of internet security loaded onto it. So then, why do so many people not consider mobile security software for their Smartphone?

If your phone is GPS capable (and there are not many that aren't) then you could be at risk, especially if you use your Smartphone to browse the internet. With the advent of mobile broadband, we are living in a world where internet connection through a mobile phone will soon become the norm. It would be advisable therefore to get some mobile security software protection.

Many people keep so much personal information on their Smartphone that to losing that information would cause a serious impact in either their business or personal life. Not only contacts, banking information, pin codes and text messages, but also includes more personal things like photographs and videos. Would you really want to put all that at risk?

Like the internet threats, mobile security threats may only be in their infancy at the moment, but they are growing rapidly. I genuinely believe that it wouldn't be going too far to say that in the next 12 to 24 months there will be not only be a requirement to have mobile security software on your Smartphone, but that it will be a necessity.

In addition to the online threats from the internet, there is also the consideration that your Smartphone may be stolen or lost. The mobile security software can also assist in this area should this unfortunately ever happen to you, as not only will the software protect your phone whilst online, but it has the added advantage of specialized "anti-theft" features also. The software can even geographically locate your phone for you should you ever lose or misplace it.

The price of mobile security software is relatively low; especially considering what the cost of a new phone would be should you become a victim of theft. In many ways it is better than having an insurance policy for your phone, as the software doubles up as both internet security and anti-theft.

For the small outlay that the mobile security software is going to cost you, is it really worth not having it on your Smartphone?

Mobile security, is it a real risk? Well, if it isn't a huge one right now, in my opinion it will be in the future.

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