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Today, having a phone as a means of communication is as normal as breathing but having a phone that surpasses just the normal calling, texting and perhaps the normal use of internet is something to be considered as great or 'cool' because what we now call a smartphone is a device to behold. How else can you explain an android phone that sends text messages, can receive and make a call, has a camera, can be a workstation when connected to the internet, one can listen to music and record or download it, watch videos, chat with friends or clients while using other applications on the same phone.

Keeping your Android phone safe should be a key concern. You have tons of valuable data that is stored on that. Not only do you not want your personal information getting into the hands of the wrong person. You also do not want to spend money on replacing your phone. You then have to re-enter all of your data into this new phone which is a waste of time.

Imagine losing your android phone that has all that because losing it is like losing your identity with contacts, text messages, photos, videos, reminders and so much more information saved up in the phone. But the good news is that there are some steps you can take to secure your smartphone, whether from ill intended people like thieves or cyber criminals.

I will show you the apps to keep your phone safe.

Use the simplest of all, PIN (personal identification number)

Now, this has got to be the simplest and most common of all as every phone has a system where you can set up a pin and you're the only one who should know the PIN combinations to your phone. Always ensure your phone has a PIN that you have memorized. Even accessibility to your emails, company documents including internet access should be safely secured by a strong password or PIN.

Use tracking systems

Most phone manufacturers are producing smartphones with tracking systems in place. You can also download an application to that effect if your phone doesn't come with it. Some systems are quite sufficient and are able to wipe out your information remotely if the phone gets stolen so that your information won't be accessed or tampered with. The android phone for instance sends alert messages when sim cards are exchanged. You can also track it online using GPRS or cell towers and even view images caught by its spy camera.

Be alert!

Be ware of software, sites or programs that cannot be genuinely traced which can get to your credit card and private information that you probably don't want anybody to access. Cross check hyperlinks and their landing pages to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Update your phone

Just like computer or any other device updates, your smartphone should regularly get updated and not just for promotions or a catch somewhere but for security.

Choose the right software

Many offers on softwares are coming up but its best to choose softwares from a credited company and one that is mostly recommended everywhere, because software can be maliciously used to extract or damage your smartphone. Installing a strong antivirus on your android phone to guard against damaging soft wares and viruses is highly recommended.

Phone covers/bags

Many of you might think its silly or old fashioned but when your phone drops and hits a hard surface or goes into some place holding water you wont like it at all. So use a phone cover especially when moving around because it helps prevent the phone from breaking when it hits a hard surface or from immediate damage when it comes into contact with water. There are trendy smartphone covers and bags available everywhere so get one!


The Lookout app has tons of security features such as antivirus, a firewall, and intrustion prevention. The best part is that they are extremely lightweight so they do not bog down your phone. Lookout out also helps you if your phone is lost or stolen. You can log into the web interface on any computer and track down your phone. You simply click the locate button and it will show where your phone is on map. Lastly Lookout also comes with data backup. It will back up all of your personal data including contacts, photos, video, e-mail, and text messages.


WaveSecure is another great security app which is similar to Lookout. WaveSecure lets you lock down your phone from the web interface so that it becomes useless if you have lost your phone. You can also display a message and sound an alarm. Just like Lookout you are also able to track down your phone with WaveSecure. You can set an auto-backup or trigger a backup remotely from the website. The one big feature that WaveSecure offers that Lookout does not is the wipe out feature. You are able to log into the web interface and remotely wipe all the data from your phone.


Protector is another great app but it's different than the previous 2 apps. Protector allows you to password protect any app on your phone, or any feature of an app. It's a great security program that can be very beneficial for many users. Protector allows you to password protect any Android app. SMS, Gmail, e-mail, Settings, Photos, Calendar, Notepad, Chat...or anything else you can even want to put a password on is an option.

You are even able to protect just particular features of apps if you need to. There is no workaround that will put your apps at danger. Even using a task manager won't prevent the apps from losing their protection. If you try to uninstall the Protector app, you need the pin code to do so!

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