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Viruses can be disguised through sms or an email attachment as an enticing image, audio or video files or even a greeting card through the Bluetooth. This means that unless you are expecting an email attachment or you know the source of one, do not open any from an unknown source.

Smartphone Virus? Is it really possible? Yes, it is. Think of your Smartphone in the same terms as you think of your computer. If your Smartphone has the Internet on it and can browse the web and open email attachments and sync with your Outlook and on and on, it really isn't much different is it? While it is not often 'publicized' it is definitely more on the rise as more everyday consumers are starting to migrate into the smartphone marketplace.

These are some common signs of assault by a virus although soft or hardware problems may present some of these symptoms.

Your Smartphone may go into re-starting frequently. Your Smartphone may operate slower than usual. Your Smartphone may stop obeying commands or locks up often. You may not be able to access some applications in your Smartphone. Some applications on your Smartphone may refuse to work properly. Unusual error messages may occur often and menus may appear unclear. Icons which you did not put may crop up and recently opened attachments may have dual extensions. Installed antivirus is likely to be disabled or the program may not start. New antivirus cannot be installed and even if it is installed, it will refuse to work until the Smartphone is debugged. Battery depletion rate is likely to increase because the virus through its malicious operations will over labor the battery.

Without activating or unknowing, Bluetooth connectivity is active. This makes cell phone send viruses’ files to another one that its Bluetooth connection is active or detected. Besides Bluetooth, cell phone will send MMS randomly to number list in Smartphone. If this is not detected early, so your pulse will waste useless. On several cell phone uses Symbian OS, there is several ways to see whether Smartphone is viruses or not. Press menu button in Nokia Smartphone using Symbian, if displaying an active application, named Cabir or Cabire, it means your cell phone is viruses. Battery is not normal, if previously on standby condition can last 2-3 days, but if viruses only last for stand by for only one hour. You can’t boot the Smartphone at all. Smartphone Frequently restarts itself. Several files are damaged. Application in Smartphone is malfunction

Way of prevention is

Do not install pirated software on your Smartphone. Only install software from reliable resources. Do not accept any messages sent over blue tooth from somebody you don’t know or if you are not expecting to receive one .Provide training to personnel using mobile phones / PDAs. People cannot be held accountable to secure their information if they haven't been told how. Patch management for software on mobile devices should not be overlooked. This can often be simplified by integrating patching with syncing, or patch management with the centralized inventory database.

The antivirus software can easily detect and remove all the current Symbian malware and can also detect if infected files are trying to be installed and stop them. But at the end of the day if you use your common sense and follow the rules you will have nothing to worry about at all.

Smartphones, PDAs, and laptops are increasingly being used in much the same way as desktop computers, putting these devices at risk of the onslaught of threats that has been seen in recent years on PCs. Mobile phone virus though still not as widespread as computer viruses can still be a nuisance and lead to monetary loss or identity theft. Taking some basic precautions as described above could effectively combat cell phone virus and mobile viruses.

My advice is that once your phone shows any of these signs; take the phone to a certified technician or your service provider. If you take action early enough, the damage may not be much. At the end of the exercise, you should have updated version of the necessary antivirus software installed on your phone. You must guard your phone against viruses and spy wares.

Before virus spreading to all application in cell phone or another one, recognize first the sign that cell phone infected by virus. You should know earlier, will make data, pulse or cell phone be saved.

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