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For years people have been trying to find a way to keep more secure but with the evolution of the internet and technology, it seems like it is also being easier for hackers to get into your information. know what you are saying, no, impossible, how can this be, well if the above is not enough, a hacker can even activate your cell phone camera and watch your every move. If your phone is also equipped with a GPS tracking chip, like most are in the last couple years, then hackers can even track your movements right to your home or business with pinpoint accuracy, just like the police use to track criminals. Are you feeling as safe as you did before you learned about this security hole in all cell phone systems.Though many people will say that it might be easier for hackers to get into your phone, you have to realize that there are plenty of people out there who are smart enough to break through any kind of security but if you are smart enough to do the basics to secure your phone, you will realize that it is so much easier to keep everything protected.

Should I Keep My Phone Locked?

Most phones have a locked feature and this is certainly one of the main reasons as to why most phones have this. You will be able to keep your phone locked and if there is a way to actually put a password, this is a great way to also keep your phone secure. Though some people will just ignore this simple feature, it seems like this is a great way to really keep your phone secure.

How Do People Hack My Phone?

When people go through the internet on their smartphone, they are vulnerable to so many people that it seems like most people do not know how open they are to hackers. This is the main reason why so many people become victims of identity theft as it is so easy for hackers to hack into a phone when the user is using an open wireless internet server.

What Do I Do If Lose My Phone?

If you ever lose your phone, you should make sure that you call your service provider to let them know that you have lost your phone and to cut your line. If you believe your phone was lost, it is also a good idea to report it to the police and hopefully you will be able to find it. If you are lucky enough, you would have downloaded an application that will allow you to know where your phone is in the event that it got stolen.

How Do I Prevent My Phone From Getting Stolen Or Hacked?

The best way to really prevent your phone from getting stolen or hacked is by being more aware. Keep your mind cautious about the websites that you visit and places that you go to. Be sure that you never take your eyes or hands off of your phone as it is very easy to be able to lose your phone when you are being careless. Avoid ever releasing any personal information as this is sure way for you to get your identity stolen.

When it comes to the internet on your smartphone, you have to realize that people are becoming smarter and technology is becoming more advanced and so you have to be more aware. Being hacked is simply just one mistake and you are just one website or email away from being hacked. Be cautious and you will surely be able to keep your phone more protected.

Attach Cell Phone To Your Facebook Account .This is one of the most important feature to protect your account to being hacked, let suppose an attacker stole your ID and password of Facebook, than the attacker try to log in from your account from an unknown computer, Facebook block this log in even if the password and ID is correct, Facebook block this log in because of an unknown computer try to log in your account than Facebook will send a message into your number to verify this log in.

A Strong Password Is Your Best Friend. Your best friend would always protect you and never let you down. The same should be said of your passwords. Let's create a good password. Change your passwords every 3 months. Don't write the passwords down anywhere. If you are afraid you will forget them, scribble a hint that only you could decipher, and keep it in a safe place. Think of a word that is easy for you to remember, but is not closely tied to you personally. Passwords are the gateway to your money, credit cards, and personal information. Strong passwords, like best friends, keep your secrets secure. Utilize these tips to make sure you will not become just another identity theft statistic.

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