found capture at 20131113071655 Sitemap How the software works can get real technical in nature so we will try to break it down so that the average person can understand it. There are certain signatures that different parts of the software make when it is created. By which functions the software attempts to connect to on the system or by the pattern of how the software does things, antivirus software can tell if it is a bad guy or not. The signature is based on opcodes from the CPU that is broken down but we will not get too deep into that. That explanation is a little too geeky for this article. So the antivirus software goes around your computer looking for these types of signatures and if it sees them, it tries to destroy it. The signatures are saved in a database that is saved in the software. The database is updated every day from the creator of the antivirus software. This is why you must update your antivirus package at least once a day. So the software that is on your computer will have the new bad guy signature to look for.