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Security Concerns in Smartphones

Smartphones have the potential to pose a real security threat. At the same time their use is spreading. "Smartphones are essentially replacing laptops and even desktop PCs, and are now the primary way many people access the Web," Wysopal says. "If you think about all the risks we all understand you have on a PC when you receive email, install software, or click on a link, that's exactly how we have to start thinking about smartphones."

Good security software should give you the ability to not only block malware, but also remotely wipe a phone if it's lost or stolen, and use its GPS to locate the phone for recovery. In addition, Saenz appreciates management tools that will let him limit which apps users download, if he ever finds it necessary. Experts agree that security threats to smartphones are bound to grow, and that users will routinely deploy security software on their smartphones, just as they do today on their personal computers. "Putting security on these devices now is getting ahead of the curve," Harmer says. "It's much better than waiting until after you've had a problem."

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